The f i r s t Prague Rainbow Spring international volleyball tournament was held in May 2000 and received such international acclaim that it quickly became a fixture on the European tournament calendar. The gay volleyball world understands that the best volleyball is always played in Prague on the first weekend of May.

Tournament in numbers

  • Current 24th Prague Rainbow Spring in 2024

VolleyballSwimmingGolf & Squash & RowingTotal
193 athletes and 3 supportersTBATBAPeople
Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, United KingdomTBATBACountries
Supporters of the event (TBD, more partners are welcomed): reda (welcome bags), Termix club (party), NOTINO (TBD)
  • The 23rd Prague Rainbow Spring in 2023

VolleyballSwimmingGolf & Squash & Rowing Total
209 athletes and 12 supporters188 swimmers and 57 supporters32 athletes and 3 supporters501 People
Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and United Kingdom.Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Chile, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.France, Germany, Netherlands, and and United Kingdom16 Countries
Supporters of the event: reda (welcome bags), Termix club (Party), NOTINO (gifts for referees)
  • The 22nd Prague Rainbow Spring in 2022

Volleyball Total
156 athletes and 15 supporters171 People
Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.7 Countries
Supporters of the event: reda (welcome bags), Termix club (Party)

Prior to Covid, tournaments were always multisport events (badminton, soccer, tennis, run, etc.), with 300-700 attendees. After the COVID years, we took a one-year break in 2021. After recovering in 2022, we began hosting multisport events in collaboration with other organisations.

As non-profit organisers, we can offer one of the lowest price in comparison to similar tournaments in Europe and the highest quality event management according to feedback surveys we do to ensure all is fine and accept critique and make the event the best sport event for queer community.

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Current partners and sponsors

REDA a.s. (part of PAUL STRICKER, S.A.) is in the business of distributing promotional and gift items. The company provides a variety of services, including merchandise printing, specialised purchasing, logistics, and tailored IT solutions for logistics and corporate projects. Enjoy the welcome bags and prizes provided by reda!
Prague’s traditional and iconic gay club. Throwing the very popular official Rainbow Spring Saturday Party at Termax Club, which is a rewarding event for all of our athletes and open to everybody, allowing us to celebrate gay sports with everyone. A wonderful night of popular remixes, dancing, and cocktails.